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lamp shade
Dollhouse, dollhouse miniatures tutorials pages , lamp shade
 for you dollhouse,


Old Letter File easy to 
Dollhouse, dollhouse miniatures tutorials pages , doll's pram
 for you dollhouse,


Gas ring in cardboard

Dollhouse, dollhouse miniatures tutorials pages , gas ring for you dollhouse,


Dollhouse, dollhouse miniatures tutorials pages , stove for you dollhouse,

doll's pram
Dollhouse, dollhouse miniatures tutorials pages , doll's pram
 for you dollhouse,

Dollhouse, dollhouse miniatures tutorials pages , tumler for you dollhouse
 Flowers plant link


Miniatures lamp

,Doolhouse  link 


Dollhouse miniature



Miniatures hov to do film 
and lot of explanation and how to do, also many fimo explanation

Fimo dolls,  food m.m. link


The hair; i have use, are  cut out from cheap paint brushes  

The handle are  2 mm Ø 13 mm width

The hold for the bucket   are. 1,5 mm widht

The handle and the hold are glue together white fast glue 



Paint brushes



I am working on this project for many years, but the painter's assistant, are only coming ones a year to look, but he never get finisch,

All of these miniature designs are personally created by me and are protected by copyright.  Please honor the copyright protection of all my DIY projects by using for your personal use only!!!  Under no circumstances are these designs to be claimed as your own or to be sold in full, or in part without the express written permission of myself.  Thank you!











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